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Muslim Cultural and Educational Centre in Poznań has functioned since 2005. It is situated in a house, in Górczyn district. Muslim minority in Poznań is estimated to consist of 200 people.

It is a small number in comparison to over half a million city inhabitants. Nevertheless, that small group managed to do an interesting thing. They have built incredibly buoyant community which has united all fellow believers of Islam from Wielkopolska province and, additionally, almost incidentally, aroused Poznań residents’ interest in the community.

Thriving and energetic group – following the conviction that the most important thing for every, even the smallest community, is to be together – had created an unusual place. With great attention, precision, but also with sensitivity. The Centre delights with simplicity and accuracy of execution – prayer room, library, gallery, washroom – everything is furnished with great care even for the smallest detail. It does not overwhelm with splendour – on one hand, it invites for prayer and meditation, but on the other for conversations, jokes and social meetings.

Enthusiasm and involvement of the creators has passed on to the place which now, with its own energy, encourages to visit, to be there, and makes the rooms vibrant with life almost all the time. Vibrant with prayer to God as well.

Muslims in Poznań organized first lectures, museum lessons and particularly festive Day of Muslim Culture for the city inhabitants. After the memorable Night of Museums in May 2012, when – even to the surprise of the organizers – the Center was visited by over 1500 people, nobody still imagines this place without Muslims. Today, the greatest interest is aroused by calligraphy workshops – open for everybody, even non-Muslims – decorating body with henna and Arabic languages courses already run on two levels.

Poznań Muslims, by their openness and genuine attachment to their own tradition in a through and through Catholic country, avoided being locked in an enclave and gained friends. They have endeared Poznań inhabitants with their activity and energy and regained for them a shared place, a cultural centre. They domesticated Poznań.