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Outside the ring

Women’s boxing, one of the newest sport and Olympic discipline, arouses different emotions. Should they do it or not? Is it right for them to do this or not? Too brutal? Unwomanly?

There are countries were a discussion on this issue is particularly heated. The fight of clashing arguments does not take place on the ring, but rather outside it. Interestingly – primarily among men.

Competitors from the Women’s Boxing Section within Poznań Martial Arts Club distance themselves from the disputes between the advocates and opponents of women on the ring. They do not follow newspaper articles, do not build a coalition, neither organize demonstrations.

They attend trainings, have fun with exercising and smile brightly from behind a double guard. Like experienced boxers they win consecutive rounds by strength of their calmness. Against accusations that the ring is violence, aggression and brutality. They have a simple response to that: as in men’s boxing, in women’s it is work that matters – mainly work of the head, then legs, and fists at the end. This is what they focus on first and foremost. They practice concentration, quickness and dodges.

Like men, they have to win “with a shadow” hundreds of times and thousands of times punch the bag hung by the ring, before they actually stand on it. And this is what they really fight for: for perfection which is a pass to the ring. Not for equality of rights.

They choose boxing trainings out of curiosity or as an alternative for a fitness routine. – It’s far better than fitness – some of them say. – It helps to burn extra kilograms and keep great shape. Others maintain that boxing helps them relieve stress and excessive energy. There are also women who were raised with older brothers and secretly envied them stuffed training bags full of towels wet from sweat unattainable for little girls. For adult and young women boxing gives the freedom of choice and now, bravely, without feeling of inferiority, they fulfil their childhood dreams.

Recently in Poland girls become interested in boxing more often. Number of juniors registered in boxing associations is increasing steadily. Yet in small and larger clubs, small and larger cities few members think about a career of a competitor. They appear in rooms reserved until recently only for men, they use the same equipment. But they practice primarily for themselves. As is the case in Poznań Club.

Ladies attend the Club two, three times a week for an hour and a half training. The woman with meticulously braided hair is the coach. It ensures comfort and lack of stinging comments about necessary, trendy pony tails.

Boxing training for women is concentrated on learning the technique, improving condition, perfecting motor coordination but also… shaping a beautiful figure.