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Outside the ring

Women’s boxing, one of the newest sport and Olympic discipline, arouses different emotions. Should they do it or not? Is it right for them to do this or not? Too brutal? Unwomanly?

Time for decision – THAT IS LIFE

Homeless people do not live long – 10, sometimes 15 years on average since leaving their homes. There are not many institutions which handle the problem of overcoming homelessness: activation of homeless elderly. Centre in Poznań admits only men who turned 50. In Poland the homeless receive care mainly from church organizations.


Muslim Cultural and Educational Centre in Poznań has functioned since 2005. It is situated in a house, in Górczyn district. Muslim minority in Poznań is estimated to consist of 200 people.

The Bosphorus – story about connecting

The Bosphorus strait intersects Turkish Instanbul into two parts. However, unlike the rivers which divide cities they flow through, it is most often said that the Bosphorus connects. The Black Sea with The Sea of Marmara, European with Asian continent. It connects people living there with tourists.